A Quick Update

Hello readers! I hope all has been well, and I hope you've been having a relaxing and/or productive summer. I'm writing this post to give you a few quick updates! First and foremost, I completed my one-year postdoctoral fellowship at Bowdoin College in June. I had an absolutely wonderful time researching and teaching there. My … Continue reading A Quick Update

I Survived Graduate School!

Hi readers! It's been too long since I've posted something on this website! I feel a little guilty for not uploading content regularly this past year, but life sometimes gets in the way of keeping up with side projects. However, even though this past year has been excruciatingly busy, it has also been one of the most rewarding … Continue reading I Survived Graduate School!

The “Privacy” of the Closet: From Jodie Foster to Manti Te’o

With Jodie Foster's delivery of her so-called heartwarming yet "rambling" speech, the notions of honesty, disclosure, and privacy became the hot topics of the week. Rumors of Jodie Foster's homosexuality had been looming in the media for years, and prominent magazines such as OUT even went as far as to posit that Foster inhabited a glass closet--meaning … Continue reading The “Privacy” of the Closet: From Jodie Foster to Manti Te’o

Dethroning “La Comay”: A Rhetorical View of the Issue

When a country considers a puppet a legitimate source of news and information, you know that there is something questionable and downright baffling going on. Above is the picture of the infamous puppet known as La Comay (puppeteered by actor Kobo Santarrosa), the hostess of the #1 showed aired in WAPA television titled SuperXclusivo, which is seen … Continue reading Dethroning “La Comay”: A Rhetorical View of the Issue